Our philosophy

AL:S was born with the purpose of affirming a skin care concept in a routine where we have less and less time available. More than a brand, we want L:S to represent a lifestyle.

We want to send the message that skin care should start as early as possible and reinforce that this care can be optimized. They should not be seen not as a “waste” of time but rather as contributions to our self-esteem, acceptance and a healthy mind. We must look at these moments of self-care, however simple they may be, as moments of self-love that bring us benefits, self-esteem and, consequently, quality of life.

We want to reinforce that with quality products it is possible to have an uncomplicated skincare routine with great results. And combined with the rapid development of the industry, we want to show that it is possible to obtain quality products at fair prices.

AL:S aims to be a humanized brand, with a connection to real people, to real beauty, with products inserted in the normal context of a skincare routine.

As we are a brand with 100% online sales, we want to establish a connection with the public who want this ease when purchasing (with 2 or 3 clicks I have what I need). A digital, connected, modern audience that is impacted by global communication.

We are a company concerned with the future of the next generations, so we prioritize the best environmental practices, protecting animals and caring for our planet.

The products were designed to adapt to the lifestyle of each of our customers and were designed to be used in various ways.